Wednesday, June 27, 2012

27th June 2012 (Introduction)

Hi, My name is Alicia Foo and this is my 2nd blog which I hven't deleted. If you want to know my first blog, I will leave a link below later. BTW, any idea why this is called Diary Blog? No? Then I'll tell you. I'm going to treat this blog like a diary. Some kind of E-diary. And I will post about my days and life right here, if i'm free. So, that's all I want to say. Good day to my fellw peope!
My 1st Blog: http:///


  1. alicia i thought you hate introductions?

  2. seriously when are you posting something?! I come here so many times and I don't see anything

    1. celest, I think that you are correct.

  3. seriously you like fairies?! but its nice